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Non-Internal Treatment Considerations for the Pregnant and Postpartum Population: Live-Online - June 2023

Non-Internal Treatment Considerations for the Pregnant and Postpartum Population: Live-Online - June 2023

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This course offering will be recorded and all registrants will receive a link to access the course recording for a 2-week period. Please mark on your registration form if you will not be attending live (and watching the recording instead) for attendance-taking purposes.

Course Description:

  • Did you know that 25 to 65% of pregnant people experience pelvic girdle pain?
  • Did you know that almost 47% of postpartum clients experience urinary incontinence?
  • Are you aware of the role we play in promoting exercise in the pregnant person?
  • Are hormones really to blame for pelvic girdle pain?
  • Do you want to treat the pregnant and postpartum population using best practice guidelines?
  • Are you confident with getting your pregnant and postpartum clients back to doing the things they love to do?

Then this course is for you!

 Upon completion of this course participants will:  

  • Have a basic understanding of reproductive anatomy, normal changes during pregnancy, and stages of parturition (childbirth)
  • Confidently understand the benefits of exercise during pregnancy and what to consider when supporting this client through birth preparation
  • Understand what are urgent maternal signs and/or high-risk pregnancies
  • Understand birth trauma and its impact on client’s wellbeing
  • Learn considerations for working with clients who are postpartum including brief specifics about the fourth trimester, cesarian deliveries, and diastasis recti
  • Develop non-internal skills to work with a postpartum population and understand return to exercise guidelines
  • Have an understanding of incontinence and learn best practice for management and when to refer to a pelvic health practitioner
  • Have an understanding of pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain and current best care clinical guidelines
  • Understand when to refer to a specially trained physiotherapist who practices internal techniques

Audience: This course is open to all healthcare and wellness professionals.

Prerequisites: None

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Non-Internal Treatment for the Pregnant and Postpartum Population June 2023


Date/Time: June 16, 2023, from 10:30am-6:30 pm ET (Toronto). Please convert to your local time zone.