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Advanced Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Tools for Healthcare Professionals: Live-Online – November 2022

Advanced Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Tools for Healthcare Professionals: Live-Online – November 2022

Jennifer Irwin and Don Morrow
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This advanced, Level 2 Monarch System Motivational Interviewing (MI) workshop builds on the skills and concepts learned in the Level 1 workshop along with any challenges and/or learnings you have experienced in implementing level 1 skills. Specifically, the Monarch System’s Level 2 offering is designed to help health practitioners work with patients who present themselves as stuck or overwhelmed and, apparently, are unable to change. Many clients are trapped in a view that they cannot change their behaviours, and this workshop focuses on helping clients to shift from this experience in service of fostering meaningful, health-related behaviour changes. The focus is on perspective interviewing skills and techniques using a variety of hands-on, applied exercises and applications. 

Delivery Format: Live-online course via zoom. The Zoom format offers an ideal and flexible format for doing practical exercises in small groups with full group discussions interspersed. Our intent and commitment is to create new learnings in a fun and productive workshop environment.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of our Level 2 workshop on Advanced Motivational Interviewing & Coaching skills, participants will be better able to:

  • Learn from and build upon MI skills learned in the Level 1 workshop;
  • Increase your confidence in using MI skills and techniques;
  • Integrate learnings from the skills’ practice assignment described below;
  • Assimilate issues arising from the use of MI in both professional and personal experiences;
  • Develop and implement MI strategies, techniques, and concepts to assist you in working with clients/patients who feel stuck or overwhelmed re their ability to make desired behaviour changes;
  • Use perspective-shifting MI techniques in service of your clients’ needs;
  • Incorporate MI more readily into your personal, daily lives.

          Audience: Open to all healthcare professionals who have completed The Monarch System Level 1 course or equivalent (see prerequisites below).


          Participants MUST have completed The Monarch System Level 1 course or equivalent and submitted individual responses to this applied MI-learning assignment (see description below) that builds on your Level 1 course learning skills:

          We ask that you practice 3 of the primary MI tools/skills during your engagements with clients/patients: AcknowledgingPowerful or Open-Ended Questions, and Reflecting Back. What we are asking you to do is to practice/try out each of these skills as you see fit and as often as possible. From your experience in practicing these skills, we would ask that you reflect on and record (as in write down at the website link provided after the questions listed below these instructions) 3 learning-worthy experiences from this ‘living, applied homework.’ For each of the 3 learning experiences you select:

          1. Identify the client/patient situation (E.g. smoking cessation, rehab exercise adherence etc NOTE: to respect confidentiality, please do not identify the client or patient by name)
          2. What MI tool was used and how was it used? (E.g. I acknowledged sadness in a client who was just diagnosed with diabetes by saying, “I hear you are really upset by this diagnosis; it feels like everything is changing for you.”)
          3. What was/is your perception of the impact of using this tool on:
            • The client/patient?
            • You?
            • The relationship between you and the client/patient?
          4. What was the learning you acquired from this experience?

          Please use the link provided below to answer the questions for the 3 experiences you selected and please submit pre-course work responses within 1-2 weeks of registering in order to give us time to integrate your experiences, learnings, and needs into the workshop content and format:

          Registration Form

          Advanced MI November 2022


          Date/Time: November 16 & 23, 2022 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm ET (Toronto). Please convert to your local time zone.


          Dr. Jennifer Irwin and Dr. Don Morrow

          Dr. Jennifer Irwin and Dr. Don Morrow both are award-winning teachers, certified professional coaches trained and accredited with both the Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation, and experienced, competent Motivational Interviewing (MI) workshop Facilitators. Both of them are also university professors, widely published authors, and proficient presenters to groups varying from small workshops to very large groups (up to 1200). Dr. Irwin is a health behaviourist and Dr. Morrow holds his Ph.D. in the health sciences and together, they bring over 40 years of combined, professional experience to their work. They co-lead a pioneering MI-related and evidence-based research program that specializes in healthy body weight promotion and obesity reduction and prevention among youth and adults and smoking cessation among young adults. As co-owners of The Monarch SystemTM Inc., our mission is to be change agent partners with health professionals who strive to motivate their clients toward sustainable behaviour choices and actions.